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Green skills developed by members of the Green Construction Advisory Panel (GCAP) and industry bodies

Green Skills Expression of interest

GCAP is a member led committee of building services, housing and construction businesses supported by local authorities, charities and training providers across the UK. We exist to encourage, improve and develop sustainable training, development and education opportunities for the housing and construction industry. Our purpose is to close the skills gap and provide entry routes into green careers. Our ambition is to educate the current and future workforce to adapt to emerging technologies, consider the environmental impact and how industry can meet net zero targets.
GCAP will:

  • Influence the regions approach to sustainable education and skills
  • Create line of sight of green construction job opportunities to the region’s workforce
  • Provide reskill and upskill initiatives for individuals to meet industry needs
  • Co-design curriculum with industry professionals
  • Create innovative resources that will be available to all
  • Actively engage with schools, colleges and the community to raise awareness of the Green Skills Agenda
  • Create a positive impact through supported aligned initiatives and promotion of our work